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About Us

Learn about our mission, our treatment approach, and our team of acupuncturists.

Treasure Valley Acupuncture was founded in May 2021 with the mission of providing exceptional integrative healthcare and non-pharmaceutical medicine to the Treasure Valley.

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We aim to be a compassionate and knowledgeable resource and treatment center for effective acupuncture and herbal medicine.

We Treat the Whole You

We are rooted in Chinese medicine, primarily using acupuncture and herbal medicine to effectively treat a vast spectrum of health concerns. These treatments work, and they work remarkably well, including many conditions where Western medicine falls short.

Even more than that, we are here to help you take your life back. Health is so much more than the absence of symptoms. Acupuncture and herbal medicine’s astounding effects are well documented by research, our patients’ results, and a massive history in East Asia, but in addition to the alleviation of symptoms our goal is to help you create a life of balance and sustainability.

Acupuncture is a holistic approach to health, addressing the body, mind, and spirit.
~ Dr. Laila Tomsovic

Meet Our Team

Acupuncture and Wellness Specialists

Lauren Howell L.Ac.

treasure valley acupuncturist Lauren Howell

After 10 years of experience, Lauren has a solid foundation in Classical Chinese Medicine as well as numerous modalities and tools that support patients on their healing journey.

She uses the Acupuncture pins to stimulate natural healing mechanisms, boost the immune system, increase blood flow and support overall vitality and balance.

Treatments are dynamic and may include guided imagery, shiatsu, sotai, tuning forks, fire cupping, Gua Sha, scalp rejuvenation techniques- ALL in the pursuit of supporting the free and easy flow of energy on multiple levels and dimensions.

Additionally, she has a vast knowledge of eastern and western herbs, nutraceutical supplementation and nutrition and lifestyle suggestions to support the journey both inside and outside of the treatment room. She has had the opportunity to work with countless complex cases of chronic illnesses, pain conditions.

Her approach is holistic, multidimensional, deep and co-creative. She has a strong trust in nature and the healing power of the human body.  Her guiding work philosophy is to be a guide, offering suggestions and reflections and holding space for the healing process.

The most common things she hear from clients: “You are magical, we go to such deep places… it’s like therapy, but physical, emotional and spiritual”

Lauren’s favorite things include dancing and going to natural hot springs, eating delicious, healthy food with good company and going on adventures.

Random interesting Fun Fact:  Lauren has been scuba diving all over the world and has had the delightful pleasure of playing with an octopus on her head!

National Accreditations:
Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc), National Board Certified Chinese Medicine Practitioner (NCCAOM)
National Certification Council of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)
Clean Needle Technique (CNT) certified
HIPAA & OSHA certified
Microneedling, Cosmetic and Facial Acupuncture Specialist
Certified Transformational Arts Practitioner

B.S. in Western Herbal Science
State License: Idaho
: Idaho Acupuncture Association

treasure valley acupuncturist Asa Battista

Asa’s love and study of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine began in the 90’s while still in the military. The use of painkillers in the USMC to mask pain, in order to maintain operational readiness, was the norm. He naturally gravitated towards traditional methodologies.

Now, with 18 years of experience in private and group practice under his belt, Asa continues to unlock the physical and mental skills that will give the greatest benefit to those that seek relief.

His practices include local and distal acupuncture methods, tui na (chinese medical massage), cupping and gua sha, and E-stim. He is also an advocate for self-massage, chinese health exercises, and herbal medicine to be practiced between treatments in order to achieve the recovery goals.

Asa has worked in a variety of settings including private practice, chiropractic offices and community acupuncture in Boise, Idaho. He has volunteered as a practitioner in an herbal clinic in New York’s Chinatown and non-profit low-income and Geriatric clinics in Portland, Oregon. He worked at a pain management clinic in San Diego for two years while doing my first and second academic years in San Diego.

He is eager to share his knowledge, skills and abilities as an acupuncturist to help patients on their journey of recovery.

Asa’s favorite things include Tai Chi, travel, and time with family.

National Accreditations:
Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc), National Board Certified Chinese Medicine Practitioner (NCCAOM)
Clean Needle Technique (CNT) certified
HIPAA & OSHA certified

Specialty areas include: Cupping, Gum Sha, E-Stim, Tai chi, Gijong
State Licenses: Idaho
Associations: Idaho Acupuncture Association

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