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Acupuncture for Autoimmune and Digestive Conditions

Acupuncture is a safe, natural, and remarkably effective treatment option used to address the challenges associated with autoimmune and digestive conditions. Symptoms like joint pain, body pain, intestinal discomfort, stomach pains, joint swelling, fatigue, night sweats and weight gain are all things acupuncture treats yielding very good results with no side effects.
acupuncture for autoimmune and digestion
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  • Subsequent Visits: $95
  • 10% Discount for Healthcare workers
  • 10% Military Discount
  • FSA/HSA accepted
  • Superbills provided for insurance reimbursement
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What can acupuncture help with?

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Chronic Fatigue
Multiple Sclerosis

Ulcerative Colitis
Crohn’s disease
Inflammatory Bowel


How does acupuncture treat autoimmunity and digestion?

  • Improves digestion and intestinal peristalsis
  • Has a strong anti-inflammatory effect
  • Improves nervous system regulation
  • Effectively treats joint and body pain
  • Helps to regulate the immune system
  • Effectively treats stomach and intestinal discomfort

What acupuncture research says:

  • For Rheumatoid Arthritis, a review of 43 studies shows significant improvement in pain and swelling in joints effected by RA.
  • In Irritable Bowel Conditions (such as Cronh’s and Ulcerative Colitis) one study showed that acupuncture has a greater effect than PEG 4000 or pinaverium bromide for the treatment of IBS, with effects lasting up to 12 weeks.
  • For Hypothyroidism a study shows that after reviewing 1757 patients treated with acupuncture that a clear improvement in patients biomarkers and reduction in symptoms were present after treatment.

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